Welcome to buchwald.nu – my personal website for all things photography, excel guides, recipies and whatever else I want to put on the page. You will find examples of my photographs here and some guides on Excel (in danish) I have done over the years.

My name is Kenneth Buchwald and I am a hobby photographer with an interest in nightscapes, landscapes, black and white and family portraits.

In 2021 i switched photography equipment from Canon to Fujifilm which has reignited my passion for photography. The Fujifilm mirrorless system gives a totally different experience when shooting which makes it easier to pick up the camera and be creative.

I work in the food production industry as a specialist in food safety and quality. My skills within IT and especially Excel also comes to great use in my current job. Often i also find myself in the role as project manager. In 2022 i completed a course in as a CQI AND IRCA certified Lead Auditor.

If you interested, curious or have questions about any of the content – feel free to contact my through the contact form or use the social media links below.

Self portrait from spring 2022
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